Hold It Sister – The confident girl’s guide to a leak free life is the book many women have been searching for - an easy to read practical guide to understand and control a hidden and misunderstood area of their body – the pelvic floor. It addresses how to overcome and prevent the all too common problems of incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual dysfunction that negatively impact on a woman’s self image and quality of life.

Sections cover pelvic floor issues across all life stages - pregnancy, post partum, menopause and senior years. The section on athletes and gym makes Hold It Sister a valuable guide for all Fitness and Health Professionals who prescribe exercise for women.


This user-friendly book is jam-packed full of new practical information, brilliant illustrations, easy steps to follow and specific exercises for the gym or home. Mary shares vital information on women’s sexual, emotional and physical wellbeing, overcoming the silent stigma surrounding pelvic floor issues. She provides guidance for self-management and the confidence to approach a Health Professional to assist with recovery.

This book is a compelling new vision for women’s pelvic health – all women will benefit from the knowledge and expert guidance this book delivers.

As a medical person I would recommend students in the medical field use this to learn to understand the workings of the female anatomy in a more in-depth `female understanding' to be able to speak to their patients on a personal level.
As a mother my children should read this (yes boys as well as girls). Boys should have a better understanding and compassion about the female body. Girls should read this to learn to train their bodies before they even start having sex. As a woman I have learnt more about my own body and can now deal with my own personal hang-ups thanks to the simplistic and sympathetic way this is written. Excellent information in a way I want to understand about my body and how it works and why it doesn't work sometimes.

Gaynor Morgan CEO www.Incostress.com

This excellent book is a quick read filled with valuable information for women. The book corrected my misconceptions about the workings of my own body and gave practical, interesting information towards being healthier and stronger! I highly recommend this book for women of all ages! By Narcine 5.0 out of 5 stars (Amazon)

As a midwife I know a fair bit about the pelvic floor. I am well aware of the importance of pelvic floor exercises but I must admit that I have learnt quite a lot from this wonderful book. Mary O’Dwyer uses a warm turn-of-phrase throughout; to perfectly describe how to achieve the best from the equipment nature has given you! I do however need a little help to strengthen what I have been left with and this is where Mary’s book comes in so useful.
I can honestly say this is a ‘must have’ book for ALL women from puberty to the menopause. Don’t take my word for it: buy Hold it Sister for your daughter, your mother, your friend or your relative. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Review by Sharon Trotter www.tipslimited.com

Your book is excellent and I highly recommend it. Every woman needs to know what is in this book.
Dr Christiane Northrup MD Author ‘Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom’ & ‘The Wisdom of Menopause’.